Time was ,is and will be.

Time and waves donot wait for any one, they continue like that . time-management-clockTime is everlasting but in the case of waves we cant say so as there wont be any waves without water. It has been said that the third world war would be fought for water and I can assure you that there wont be any war after that as the entire human trace would be vanished or even the entire world would be destroyed.But the discovery of water in the moon has given us an outside chance.

The concept I found more complex is TIME. No one knows when time orginated .Some say it was there from the orgin of universe.But another question ‘when the univerese came into being?’ would make them speechless.Some say it started from the time of big bang theory .So we can only say or point out the beging of time on the basis of some abstract Ideas , I would say.But I think another side of it. Time as a concept introduced by man,for his daily activities .So with this concept if we look for the answer for the above question ,we wont be able to find the answer .So as a matter of fact we would belive that it had neither a begining nor an end.

The concept or our concept Time is not same all over.At the same Instant or moment we would have 2 different times in 2 distint places.S the concept time is unique to each places.It changes with every longitude . We have took sun as our reference point of time.So it depends on the phases of the earth facing the sun which inturn determinse the concept ‘day and night’.Wooden_hourglass_3

Now time has become more complex than it was during the earlier days.You may know the small units of time such as milli,micro,and nano but not of something such as pico,femto,atto,zepto,yocto and many more.

Nowadays I don’t see much of people who are wearing old analog watches or using those type of clocks.Now every one is equiped with the digital watches which even shows the minute divisions of time.See how accurate it is and will be.

to be contd……..


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