Expensive onam?

There is no argument on this .We ourselves know what is going around us .The prices of goods have  doubled and tripled .but still I  think it has no effect on ‘malyalesees’ onam celebrations.flower-onam

Thinking about onam the few things which comes to our mind is atthapookalam  and onasadhya.Taking those two into considerations we will get an estimate of how costly is it .An onasadhya of one person will cost at least a 100 ruppes. And it is better not to say about the prices of flowers ,I do fear that you might have some heart attack.

Just yesterday , when I was in the town i just got myself into a banana shop for  buying some chips. I soon got out as i was surprised as a packet contaning almost half kilogram of banana chip costs 90 rupees .Its better to have an onam without chips.Like that all the commodities now has a price ,which a normal family cannot afford to.

We all know that in the festive seasons there are demand for kerala-market various commodities .but not so much as the goods being less available. Investigations from some local news channels have already proved that these price hike are as a result of unfair means of transfer of goods  for common people provided by government of India.When I just compared some of the prices ,I found that ..


1 kg of sugar in govt: authorized distribution shops costs Rs.14 for a person have an APL card.


while the same commodity of same quality  and quantity costs Rs.37 in other shops.

look at the difference .But the fact is that when we go to such ration shops for our ration  ,they say that there is no stock there.But the government have said that they are providing more than 10kg of rice and sufficient quantities of other goods also .but these goods are been sold in black in other shops.I am so sad to say that there is no response from governments side on this topic.

In current circumstances a common family is not able to celebrate the onam .

high costs and high demand…………………………..

then its better to call onam the costly festival



8 thoughts on “Expensive onam?

  1. Anjali says:

    Everything, from breathing to shopping, has become costly. Living is an unbearable expense.
    But it can’t keep going up forever. At some point, the tides will turn back.

  2. Leena Komaraaju says:

    Hello, Happy Onam friends 🙂 Despite all odds, such as rising prices, we still love our festival don’t we ? Don’t miss out on this blog which tells on how you could prepare the really sumptuous Onam foods without burning a hole in your pocket. http://www.ifood.tv/network/onam .

  3. Meghna says:

    Thanks Leena for a nice piece of info. I really love to savor these traditional Onam dishes that are sooooo easy to make and taste delicious. Hey…..is there anyone who is inviting me for onam sadya 🙂

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