why wordpress?

I am still using my blog in wordpress.com ( https://geoakhil.wordpress.com ) iphone_photo  as my primary blog even though I have many other blogs in co.cc , blogger …..Even though others are  giving more freedom I still love wordpress.

my own hosted blogs provides me

  1. Theme option(upload any theme we want)
  2. plugin option(use any plugin)

These features are not in a blog in wordpress.com .then also there are several factors which can outweigh these .


  1. WordPress.com blogs are absolutely free,
  2. It is very simple but does powerful works.
  3. They provide domain , hosting ,spam protection and many more.
  4. they are more secure.
  5. gets more traffic than any other.
  6. WordPress is Open-Source.
  7. wordress blogs  loads fast.
  8. wordpress is online.
  9. easy editing.
  10. updated regularly.
  11. no advertisements.


These all are the features which still makes me closer to wordpress.so instead of wasting your moneys on blogs ,utilize  the free services from wordpress.


note:-if you have any contradictions on this please submit it as a comment.here you are free to express.  your comments are taken into consideration.


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