“maveli nadu vanidum kalam

manushar ellarum onnu pole “

“മാവേലി നടു വാണിടും കാലം

മനുഷ്യര്‍ എല്ലാരും ഒന്നു പോലെ “

This is the saying which have been heard by all the malayaleese till date.I don’t know whether the future generations would be aware of this but still they also celebrate onam.I too don’t know so much about this , still i celebrate onam.It is the most celebrated festival  in Kerala.Celebrated by all without considering it as religious festival.

Onam is celebrated in remembrance of late “ mahabali “ , who was a king of Kerala  mainland during the olden centuries .It was believed that he was sent to “pathalam “ by “mahavishnu” who came as “vamanan”.He was given a chance to visit Kerala during every onam season.(even though –he might not be sent this due to fear of being affected by h1n1 virus).All the people of Kerala gets ready for his arrival and make:-“atthatpookalam” , “onamsadhya” and with various cultural events like “vallamkali” ,thiruvathirakali” , “pulikalli” , “ vadmvali “ and “unjalattam”.

Athapukalam (the traditional floral carpet made in the front courtyard of the houses with various colorful flowers .


see more images.

more about athapookalm with video :- kerelatourism.

Onasadya (traditional onam meal).

onam meal in banana leaf with 60 different “curries” which is the most delicious food i have ever seen.

Onasadya onam_leaf

more about  onasadya :- http://www.onamfestival.org/onasadya.html

Vallamkali (traditional snake boat race.)

onam23 18773832

more images

more about vallamkali :



hope you had a little information about onam.

waiting for your views on onam.

wish all a

Happy onam


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