Will bing replace Google?

Before going into this topic much further , I would like to show you some comments on the same topic in yahoo answers.bing-google

http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090712051021AALYjkb .

I too have expected this kind of answers.

There are many reasons for that .

  1.  Google provide over a million search results for a valid keyword.

I just want to show you an example.

I opened both the search engine and searched a keyword “India”.


1-10 of 211,000,000 results being found in bing.


Results 110 of about 452,000,000 for India in Google.

There is a deference of about 241 000 000 search results.

some other important search results.

Results 110 of about 48,300,000 for bing in Google.

1-10 of 7,810,000 results for bing in bing.

Results 110 of about 2,130,000,000 for Google. in Google.

1 of 177,000,000 results for Google in Google.


Google also include the search results of blogs which have been made in using word press and blogger and provides much more details on the blog.

They even provide Google page rank for each blogs by studying about the blog.

All their services are free such as.



And many more such as Google analysis and labs.

most of the people are using Google for searching .


Another reason for the increase in the users is that ‘ All the services are absolutely free and they don’t advertise on their official  pages.


Even though Microsoft and yahoo  have signed a partnership  deal .

I sill don’t believe that it can make any damage to the Google popularity .

Google is even planning to launch its operating system.

Google chrome cs.


What do you think?



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