zoozoo’s speaking Malayalam?

I don’t want to have a long comment on this topic Instead i will show you a video.

Have you noticed these words.

porata ,porata ,porata………

puttum kadalem ,puttum kadalem……

kappa mean kappa mea…………

if you are not able to get it correctly try this one out

What do you think about this ?

do they have their origin from malayaleese ……….

waiting for your views.


One thought on “zoozoo’s speaking Malayalam?

  1. jeenaav says:

    ha ha… i was writing a business assignment and went on searching for the traditional business models and came to zoozoo ads, then listened to this ad. then i thought the very same thing about this ad!

    I googled! and found this page…
    (in some other zoozoo ad, I’ve heard them counting onn,rand,moonn 😀 )

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