Blossom Buds in the street-Child Labour


nehruYou all know whose is this.It was said by the first prime minister of India .Pt Jawaharlal Nehru.He was fond of children’s and he used to carry a rose which resembles young blooming buds(children’s).But the fact which I am going to bring up to your mind is “Child Labour”.Childrens –who are the Future promises for a country are being treated badly and forced to work hard.

I think on this particular day which is celebrated as the ‘Anti child labour day’ is the best  day to write on this particular topic.

Child labour

The term child labour generally refers to any economic activity performed by a person under the childlabour2age of 15.-Defined by the International Labour Organization(ILO).

The age limit may vary in different countries .

  • India has the largest number of child labours in the world.
  • In India laborers below the age 14 are treated as child labourers.
  • There are more than 16 million child labourers in India.

Child labour is the violation of human rights. But it is happening is due to the poor living conditions and lack of money for buying food.So it is undoubtedly the responsibility of the government to improve the living standard of the poor and thus restrict the number of child labourers,

“Child labour is punishable.”-slogans of many anti child labour organization and child welfare organizations. Still there is no reduction in the number of children’s working.

  • The most important cause of child labour is POVERTY.The poor families are generally large in size.They have limited means of support themselves.In such condition they are forced to work so early in the life.
  • Another cause is indebtedness  of family.they will not be able to pay back the borrowed money to the greedy money this compels the children’s to work as servants.
  • The orphans and the street children who runs away from the home are exploited  by the greedy people.
Child protection

The Indian constitution provides the following provisions towards the protection of the child.17afp1

Article  23 provides prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour it bans buying and selling of human beings.

Article 24 states that no child below the age of 14  shall be employed to work in a factory or mine or engaged in any other hazardous work.


Child labour has become continuously growing problem over the years .But it has also become a subject that is often avoided or ignored by the society.Child labour is not only affecting society but un fortunately it is affecting children’s physically as well as mentally.So it must be stopped .


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