End of Australia’s Dominance in world cricket ?

Another one for Australia , they were in the middle ofaustralia-captain-ricky-ponting__12498733__MBHF,templateId=renderScaled,property=Bild,width=146 controversies every time especially in the cricket.The controversies are still there but the major problems They are facing is the back to back defeats in world cricket.

They have won the world cup four time and out of those three in a row .first one One in 1987 (Alan Borer – captain), second in1999 (Steve Waugh -captain) third one in 2003 (Ricky Ponting -Captain) forth one in 2007 (Ricky Ponting – Captain. Will the one cup in 2007 be their last one?.

Their problems started from 2007 T20  world cup as they were first defeated by Kenya.

Even though they entered the semis India defeated them quite easily.From their on wards they were not back in the game .Many  controversies of  Symonds and Hayden  with sreeshanth and harbajan during the test matches.commonwealth bank tri series was another step down for them as the Indians won the series 2-0.From there on wards they were not back in the game.The fact which PM_singh_wideweb__470x300,2caused them so muck is the retirement of M.Hayden,Adam Gilchrist ,S.Warne,G.McGrath  .All their match winners have retired and they were not able to replace their positions .In the same time India and south Africa came as the dominant powers which also led to the lose of positions of Australia. 

Remember :They have history of coming back strongly.


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