June 1

The students of south India especially students of kerala know the importance of this day(if the day is not a public holiday).This is the day in which the schools reopens after a long 2 month summer vacation.we can see disappointments and excitements in the faces of the kids and relief in he faces of the parents.

The disappointments are because of the end to their vacation and it is also due to the thought of the heavy burden .burden of books and burden of things to study.In these 2 months the kids were playing with a free mind . but from this day onwards parents compel them to study whole time and forbid them from playing.Some’s sadness would be because they have to meet their teachers and of ‘home work’.

I in my 12 years of schooling i have only seen excitements in some of the new students with the hope of getting new friends .But it usually lasts for the day itself.the next day onwards they feel the opposite way.

2006061302541901 2008070261660301 Any way they are reaching a temple or a secondary home, with teachers as their Gods and the students as the believers who come there for blessings(knowledge) .Lest the buds bloom and act as the carriers of knowledge.


2 thoughts on “June 1

  1. Devin-Weiss says:

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  2. Kim Lagerstedt says:

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