Vodafone zoozoo

zoozoo , it is one of the most discussed topic in the web. Most of you , especially the viewers from India have heard and seen this .This has become a revelation in the advertising program without any film or cricket stars.The owners did well and bring this during the ipl so that millions of people would see the ads.

But in the beginning i thought that these were animated ones .but after a long i realized that there were people inside that. that was surprising because the creatures looked small . After seeing the making all the doubts were gone.

now there are zoozoo costumes and these are more atterated in the semifinals .The concept of making these were excellent.

I wish all the zoozoos a very good ad  life.


5 thoughts on “Vodafone zoozoo

  1. vishaal c d says:

    i thought of just an animation character that was , but later one of my friend said that it was human individuals posing that character . it is amzing ,and my grandmother enjoyed most of ads of zooozooooooooo…………….

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