Google Ant.

I think every one have heard of Google but not of Google Ant.There is a story behind the naming of an and this way.

Madagascar  , a place in the earth having huge biodiversity ,The story starts from here.Dr brain L fisher , who worked in Madagascar biodiversity was interested in ants. He tried to find all the types of ants found in that island.not only that he wanted to make people know where the ants would be found . for this he approached Google earths authorities.

google_earth_5 The authorities agreed to him and encouraged him .Then he started his search for the ants . During his research he found ant which was never known to us. He found that it was from the ant family and belongs to a rare species proceratium  .


So as a tribute to those who helped him for this , he named it as proceratium google or also called as google ant .any way bothe fisher and google are happy.

source:Padipura(Malayala manorama)


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