Get a simple Domain

Many of you would have thought of getting a free domain such as or . So to fulfill your wish here comes gives you domain at . With this you can make simple domains such as or or for free.

for this you have to follow some simple step.

  1. go to co.ccas
  2. then you will be directed to the official site of
  3. then type the required name in the box provided.
  4. then you will go to a page giving information’s.

  1. as
  2. Please look weather the one year domain registration is for  $0.Then continue registration .
  3. some time they may chare costs for some rare names ,,
  4. so before registering you may look weather it is free or not.
  5. In a single account you are able to make more than 5 domains.

after making the domain you can host it any where or can redirect this url to any of your other blog (for eg:if you type it will be redirected to or else you can use free hosting services such as freehostia  or any other.

If you have any doubts on it you may submit it as a comment or mail me.

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