Congress Rocking Again !

Indian national congress were successful in becoming the largest party with gaining almost 232 seats . Now it is almost sure that UPA will form the next government. BJP were on the back seat from the beginning although they tried hard to get that from the congress .Congress on the other hand were successful in keeping their position and are looking stronger than last year even without the support of LDF. they were able to get the seat which were taken away from them in the previous election. the best example is kerala where they were defeated by hard margin in the last election. In the last election LDF got 18 seats out of 20 and the congress managed only one seat.Many has changed in the past 5 years in this congress managed to snatch 16 seats from the LDF . This has happened mainly because of the internal problems faced by the communist party. UPA now may form the next government with Dr. Manmohan Singh as the head . The experts say that the government will be stronger and might rule the country for entire 5 years.this may be right with the coming of new leaders such as Sashi Taroor ,one of the two canadate for the post of UN secretary general.he might be offered the place of the foreign minister. The whole world was keen to know who will form the next government of the largest democratic country in the world. and will be happy to know that such a government could solve the problems and will be a prefect example for the countries who are suffering from internal issues an the act of terrorism best wishes for the new government. Jai Ho


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