Time was ,is and will be.

Time and waves donot wait for any one, they continue like that . time-management-clockTime is everlasting but in the case of waves we cant say so as there wont be any waves without water. It has been said that the third world war would be fought for water and I can assure you that there wont be any war after that as the entire human trace would be vanished or even the entire world would be destroyed.But the discovery of water in the moon has given us an outside chance.

The concept I found more complex is TIME. No one knows when time orginated .Some say it was there from the orgin of universe.But another question ‘when the univerese came into being?’ would make them speechless.Some say it started from the time of big bang theory .So we can only say or point out the beging of time on the basis of some abstract Ideas , I would say.But I think another side of it. Time as a concept introduced by man,for his daily activities .So with this concept if we look for the answer for the above question ,we wont be able to find the answer .So as a matter of fact we would belive that it had neither a begining nor an end.

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christmas carol.(movie trailer & story)

Walt Disney releases its new animated movie ‘Christmas carol written by Charles dickens.

In the play A Christmas carol Charles dickens shows the lasting happiness comes only to those who by their charity and benevolence help others in distress .So the animated movie is expected to provide the same thrilling experience which the book provided us .For those who haven’t read the story till date , please follow the link below and have the experience every one had.



50 golden years for doordarshan .

The word ‘doordarshan’ itself means wide view or distant view. Durdding the past 50 years  doordarshan travelled through the wide and rich cultures of India.It opened up the world of  Information and entertainment for million of Indians.It brought a revolution in the  sector ‘media’ in India.Still it is continuing its good job as a national television of the country.

It was in 1965 ,September 15 when the channel was telecasted for the first time.At first it started its broadcast in around 25 km area from the ‘akasahavani ‘ radio studio ,Delhi.Later we saw the unbelievable  growth of doordarshan .Some relevant events are mentioned below. 

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Expensive onam?

There is no argument on this .We ourselves know what is going around us .The prices of goods have  doubled and tripled .but still I  think it has no effect on ‘malyalesees’ onam celebrations.flower-onam

Thinking about onam the few things which comes to our mind is atthapookalam  and onasadhya.Taking those two into considerations we will get an estimate of how costly is it .An onasadhya of one person will cost at least a 100 ruppes. And it is better not to say about the prices of flowers ,I do fear that you might have some heart attack.

Just yesterday , when I was in the town i just got myself into a banana shop for  buying some chips. I soon got out as i was surprised as a packet contaning almost half kilogram of banana chip costs 90 rupees .Its better to have an onam without chips.Like that all the commodities now has a price ,which a normal family cannot afford to.

We all know that in the festive seasons there are demand for kerala-market various commodities .but not so much as the goods being less available. Investigations from some local news channels have already proved that these price hike are as a result of unfair means of transfer of goods  for common people provided by government of India.When I just compared some of the prices ,I found that ..


1 kg of sugar in govt: authorized distribution shops costs Rs.14 for a person have an APL card.


while the same commodity of same quality  and quantity costs Rs.37 in other shops.

look at the difference .But the fact is that when we go to such ration shops for our ration  ,they say that there is no stock there.But the government have said that they are providing more than 10kg of rice and sufficient quantities of other goods also .but these goods are been sold in black in other shops.I am so sad to say that there is no response from governments side on this topic.

In current circumstances a common family is not able to celebrate the onam .

high costs and high demand…………………………..

then its better to call onam the costly festival


shorten url

One of the main problem i had with my wordpress blog’s url imagewas that it was too much long.now the wordpress team themselves have brought a tool for that . I too have used that to good effect. now you can get tiny url for each of your pages and posts .Actually it is redirected to your original url.Most of you have heard of tinyurl.com.with which we even can get our url geoakhilshortened with the words which we like.

check this out.

tinyurl.com/geoakhil .


even though wp.me is not providing that  it too is quiet useful.The best thing of these is that it is permanent and absolutely free.Then why are you thinking of buying those short domains .

go … make the most of that….

why wordpress?

I am still using my blog in wordpress.com ( https://geoakhil.wordpress.com ) iphone_photo  as my primary blog even though I have many other blogs in co.cc , blogger …..Even though others are  giving more freedom I still love wordpress.

my own hosted blogs provides me

  1. Theme option(upload any theme we want)
  2. plugin option(use any plugin)

These features are not in a blog in wordpress.com .then also there are several factors which can outweigh these .

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“maveli nadu vanidum kalam

manushar ellarum onnu pole “

“മാവേലി നടു വാണിടും കാലം

മനുഷ്യര്‍ എല്ലാരും ഒന്നു പോലെ “

This is the saying which have been heard by all the malayaleese till date.I don’t know whether the future generations would be aware of this but still they also celebrate onam.I too don’t know so much about this , still i celebrate onam.It is the most celebrated festival  in Kerala.Celebrated by all without considering it as religious festival.

Onam is celebrated in remembrance of late “ mahabali “ , who was a king of Kerala  mainland during the olden centuries .It was believed that he was sent to “pathalam “ by “mahavishnu” who came as “vamanan”.He was given a chance to visit Kerala during every onam season.(even though –he might not be sent this due to fear of being affected by h1n1 virus).All the people of Kerala gets ready for his arrival and make:-“atthatpookalam” , “onamsadhya” and with various cultural events like “vallamkali” ,thiruvathirakali” , “pulikalli” , “ vadmvali “ and “unjalattam”.

Athapukalam (the traditional floral carpet made in the front courtyard of the houses with various colorful flowers .


see more images.

more about athapookalm with video :- kerelatourism.

Onasadya (traditional onam meal).

onam meal in banana leaf with 60 different “curries” which is the most delicious food i have ever seen.

Onasadya onam_leaf

more about  onasadya :- http://www.onamfestival.org/onasadya.html

Vallamkali (traditional snake boat race.)

onam23 18773832

more images

more about vallamkali :



hope you had a little information about onam.

waiting for your views on onam.

wish all a

Happy onam

Will bing replace Google?

Before going into this topic much further , I would like to show you some comments on the same topic in yahoo answers.bing-google

http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090712051021AALYjkb .

I too have expected this kind of answers.

There are many reasons for that .

  1.  Google provide over a million search results for a valid keyword.

I just want to show you an example.

I opened both the search engine and searched a keyword “India”.


1-10 of 211,000,000 results being found in bing.


Results 110 of about 452,000,000 for India in Google.

There is a deference of about 241 000 000 search results.

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India against England.

A do or die match for India who has already lost to the west indies by 7 wickets. India are behind in terms of Net run rate which is the most worrying thing for team India.

England v India , ICC World Twenty20 England.

Day:14 June 2009

Time: 16:30 GMT , 10:00 India

Venue: Lord’s

England vs.. India reminds us about Yuvraj Singh who hit 6 sixes against Stuart Broad in an over.We can expect more fire works when these two comes together.India do have to win this match to stay in the competition.India will probably play with the same side where as England might have some changes in their team and the good news for the fans is that there is no chances of rain.

US kids have to catch up with Indian students says Obama.

1241750179-ObamaIndian and Chinese students are becoming more active and brilliant in the same time the American students are wasting their time in front of the TV and videogames so says American president Barack Obama.

We can’t afford our kids to be mediocre at a time when they’re  competing against kids in China and kids in India"commented Obama.The American students need to stay head to head with the Indian and Chinese students who spend more time in school and less time in front of the videogames.For this the Americans should bring change in the way of education.

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Blossom Buds in the street-Child Labour


nehruYou all know whose is this.It was said by the first prime minister of India .Pt Jawaharlal Nehru.He was fond of children’s and he used to carry a rose which resembles young blooming buds(children’s).But the fact which I am going to bring up to your mind is “Child Labour”.Childrens –who are the Future promises for a country are being treated badly and forced to work hard.

I think on this particular day which is celebrated as the ‘Anti child labour day’ is the best  day to write on this particular topic.

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End of Australia’s Dominance in world cricket ?

Another one for Australia , they were in the middle ofaustralia-captain-ricky-ponting__12498733__MBHF,templateId=renderScaled,property=Bild,width=146 controversies every time especially in the cricket.The controversies are still there but the major problems They are facing is the back to back defeats in world cricket.

They have won the world cup four time and out of those three in a row .first one One in 1987 (Alan Borer – captain), second in1999 (Steve Waugh -captain) third one in 2003 (Ricky Ponting -Captain) forth one in 2007 (Ricky Ponting – Captain. Will the one cup in 2007 be their last one?.

Their problems started from 2007 T20  world cup as they were first defeated by Kenya.

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Number of visits to a website.


you might have think of an device with which you can get the number of visitors to your blog.Now the service is here which can be placed in your blog so that you and others could see the number of net users who have visited your blog.This provides an option of getting the number of visits or the number of visitors .Tiny Counter has 100% uptime and our servers are connected to the Internet via super fast connections. Your free hit counter will always be available!

if you want to create a hit counter click me.

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Submit your content in Google.


You can bring your contents on Google Web Search, Maps, Product Search, iGoogle, and more. to the reach of the whole world by using submit your content in Google.you can now add web site url , its contents , web tools and other gadgets.You can also share your business information through this.This also helps to increase  your readership and popularity and enables to increase your page rank.you can also advertise in major sites or on Google search page itself .if i continue to say it will not have any end as Google provides endless feature all which are free in deed.

Add your blogs or websites URL to Google search.


There is an easy way with which you can get your website or blog in the Google search.For that You just have to go to Google add url.After that you have to type the url of your webpage and key words with which one can find your page in the Google page. After that press the add url button .Then the url will be added and you can find it after a day or two in the Google search and after then always that will remain there and people can easily find your webpage.

Google logo –maker,font.

All of us have seen Google font and many of you have told in your mind ,what makes this logo so much popular? Can i get on like this ?

If you have thought like that ………………….

Here i am to help you do that .

You can get your free logo from Google font.

hyobwr bibsy btrhgirsy b_question_g

I have made this using Google font and it looks cool.

you can also make the same kind of font fromhttp://www.goologostyle.com/


The T20 – Changes to teams

Bangladesh and Australia out of the tournament

After a two match lose for both the teams , these  two can now go back home without entering the super eight .This year the competition is tight and many big teams had lost to many upcoming teams.like:

England lost to Netherlands.

Bangladesh lost to Ireland.

In the up coming days we can expect more .it wont be easy for the team especially for the defending champions .They have to work hard to defend the title and bring the cup back.The main advantage of these small teams are that they are good or we can say they excellent in field and they have good all rounder’s too. Pakistan and India suffered in the last one day world cup s they were not able to enter from the group stage .but They came back strongly during the t20 world cup and those two were the finalist and India won the finals .

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June 1

The students of south India especially students of kerala know the importance of this day(if the day is not a public holiday).This is the day in which the schools reopens after a long 2 month summer vacation.we can see disappointments and excitements in the faces of the kids and relief in he faces of the parents.

The disappointments are because of the end to their vacation and it is also due to the thought of the heavy burden .burden of books and burden of things to study.In these 2 months the kids were playing with a free mind . but from this day onwards parents compel them to study whole time and forbid them from playing.Some’s sadness would be because they have to meet their teachers and of ‘home work’.

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Most of you might have wished to learn the above described in free and easy way.Now there is an option of learning all of these for free in the net itself.All you have to do is do go to http://www.w3schools.com/ and select the topic or language you want to learn.there are tutorials , references , examples and certificates on the above mentioned topics.you have an option of trying the thing you have learned in an editor provided by them.It provides easy learning and helps us to design our blog by ourselves. i.e we can make our own templates for our blog.

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Vodafone zoozoo

zoozoo , it is one of the most discussed topic in the web. Most of you , especially the viewers from India have heard and seen this .This has become a revelation in the advertising program without any film or cricket stars.The owners did well and bring this during the ipl so that millions of people would see the ads.

But in the beginning i thought that these were animated ones .but after a long i realized that there were people inside that. that was surprising because the creatures looked small . After seeing the making all the doubts were gone.

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Google Ant.

I think every one have heard of Google but not of Google Ant.There is a story behind the naming of an and this way.

Madagascar  , a place in the earth having huge biodiversity ,The story starts from here.Dr brain L fisher , who worked in Madagascar biodiversity was interested in ants. He tried to find all the types of ants found in that island.not only that he wanted to make people know where the ants would be found . for this he approached Google earths authorities.

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Get a simple Domain

Many of you would have thought of getting a free domain such as yourname.com or yourname.co.in . So to fulfill your wish here comes co.cc.this gives you domain at yourname.co.cc . With this you can make simple domains such as domainzero.co.cc or geoakhil.co.cc or akhil-writer.co.cc for free.

for this you have to follow some simple step.

  1. go to co.ccas
  2. then you will be directed to the official site of co.cc.
  3. then type the required name in the box provided.
  4. then you will go to a page giving information’s.

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Play old video games.

I think most of you have played the old video games an many have missed them.I am going to tell you a way to play those videogames which you have played in your TV in your PC.for that all you have to do is to go to http://www.nintendo8.com/all/ and choose from the long list of old and exiting video games . The game is played with the help of java script .even though you are not using joystick  the games feel exiting . I think there are over 250 old video game collection .they provide the games such as

Legend Of Kage  , Missile Tank  shown in the picture below.

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